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Wakatobi----©Peart July 3, 2014


Transported to a world half way along this spiraling sphere

Gliding way above the clouds as though suspended in the thinnest of air

A full day passes with the shattering of the precepts of time

Down here below a faraway place, so peaceful and sublime

Where the stars of the Southern Cross and the Big Dipper dominate the sky

With an added treat for the pupils of my eye

It is a silvery moon with its phase of crescent

Complimenting and bifurcating the stars so luminescent

Once again to see and view the heavens in glory so bright

Sparkling and twinkling are just a few of the words that speak of the night

And as if a mirror, the sea reflects this celestial shimmering

Upon the Earth I stood gazing, lifted by this perfect offering



©Peart, September 27, 2003


If the turn of life no longer turns

And the stale stagnates to a stop

Despair seems beyond solution

Melted and melded into halted morass

Convinced of hopelessness beyond the horizon

Twisted tenseness takes its toll


Struggling through the cyclical process of life,

Bits and pieces trickle in drips and drabs

And sometimes nothing at all

Irony shines at the most crucial times

Before the cycle rotates,

Suddenly, shedding the struggle to soar.


In a manner of speaking, all seems lost

A glimmer of glazed light shimmers through the dark

Enough to slip the grounded gears of cyclical consternation

To a tolerable degree of shifted relief

In balance outside the brutal edge an imperceptible turn

Sows the seed of soft surprises


 Every Day Sun Day---

©Peart 04/27/08


Every day the sun graces the skies

No one cares and maybe some are blind in their eyes

Perhaps throughout the day there are solitary cries

And one by one there are moments when everyone dies

Ah the sun racing the sky beyond the blue

I see myself eerily reflected in you

A richness, a softness, a curtailed hue

A power all too real; maybe even a dream comes true

Some how we all seek to satisfy the soul

Under the same sun that shepherds us to the age of old

Met in some space from horizon to horizon we are told

Waiting patiently to encounter before the hour we fold

Simplicity in thought in the sun with life do imbue

A superior sense of all that is and what we knew

Linear and with no line to fix or point in view

Can it all be granted to just the privileged and the few

Answers and questions and more of the same

Defines this sun in its daily pace and game

I see satisfaction in the blazing flame

Lulled by the every day sun under whose brightness I write my name


Sweet Testimony to Life---

©Peart 12/17/2008


Life is a bitter sweet testimony to existence

No one knows for sure what makes the melody

Life beyond the moment of life in a flash

A twisted, blustery tune often call mishmash


Existence, a testimony to life so sweet and often bitter

Threads of the same cord bound in natural harmony

Lived in countless moments, a laugh, a tear

No pangs of angst, no revelations to spread despair


Sweetness and bitterness, the testimony of existent life

Tastes to savor along the edges of the paths to tread

Deep in the differences of the senses to perceive

Perhaps life is just the simple existence we weave   


Door Held Open---

©Peart, March 4, 2010


A gesture as old and innate applied unconsciously

Accommodating a soul, some soul trailing that path

As if a shadow, cast long by light or dark

Hesitation trails

And what could have been seamless

Becomes intimate

Holding on not to let go, the dallying soul has stopped the flow

Forcing a turn, a pause, a why and because

Now closer than ever was the pause so clever

As to deliver, a force, a turn, a longing to yearn

What a moment so sweet, a chance to meet

So orchestrated by a moment of retreat

So it begins, a recognition from within

Parlayed by the creature of porcelain skin

All desires rush to bear with nary a word spoken there

Just a knowing from that portal poured

Through a held door, touched so completely

A mystery to unfurl within this slumbered curl


Finding a Heart---

©Peart, Oct. 10, 2003


Down to the depths in search of a heart

Floating in the teaming tenderness of the salty kiss

Colors merge and fade to form again before

Memory distinguishes the frozen frame of bent light

One breath in a lifetime measured so exactly

And the others more or less identical in range

Lost beneath the surface hoping to emerge

Changed by circumstances of endless limitations

The heart beats with excitement as much as it is afraid

Of realization of the feeling of at once believing to belong

As bubbles dissipates in endless streams of aware

The heart search, is the heart


 Red on Blue------©Peart 11/13/2009


I saw an attractive woman on the train last night

Really attractive, beyond the blinding light

And having seen her, yes at least once before

On another occasion walking through the door

She turned and looked at me with those amazing eyes

And my heart leapt even though I tried to disguise

Being lured in to her dark hazel gaze

Just a purity of beauty among the masses of the maze

My faint attempts at gazing back were met with inviting stares

And I resisted a single word or smile to bridge the years

The angle of her intent was so deliberate

I swallowed hard and vowed to say, not yet

She was like an apple, rosy red and likewise hair

Every feature I gathered without doubt or fear

I just drank the moment to say the least

A moment savored for some other feast

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 Floral Disguise----©by Peart, June 23, 2010


Familiar and alien in disguise

This tropical beauty has arrived

Cloaked in soft colors so lush and alive

springflowers10 030.jpg

A sensuous awakening begins to thrive

The mischievous nature does reveal

A stunning and lustful appeal

For fruitful imaginings both real and surreal

Who can resist such an overwhelming feel

All details on full display

For wonderment, teemingly pulsing away

Perhaps it’s the feline features that are hidden

Or the lengual adornments forbidden

No matter what your particular view

What you see is entirely up to you